The Birth Of A Leopard Gecko

Today when I was checking the incubators and removing the new hatchlings, I noticed one egg was very wet. Quite often, this means the egg has died. I was getting ready to move it to another part of the incubation box (so it would not infect the healthy eggs), when I noticed it was moving. I decided to put my camera on a time-lapse mode using a DigiSnap 2000, to record the birth.

I set the DigiSnap to record a picture every 30 seconds. It took over 200 pictures in about 2 hours. I have edited the pictures down to the bare minimum to show the whole birth process.

I hope you enjoy.

This is the egg as I first saw it. You can see it is sweating.

In this picture, there is a slight swelling at the right top end-corner of the egg.

In this picture, you can see the first pipping of the egg. It is right below the swelling in the corner.

In this picture, you can see the first showing of the baby Leopard Geckos mouth trying to push through the egg.

Here is a picture of it getting its first breath of fresh air. It is not sure if it really wants to leave home.

In this picture, it has decided to at least have a look around, before deciding what to do.

In this picture, it is still trying to decide what to do.

I think in this picture, it has pretty much made up its mind, to split this scene. LOL

In this picture it is saying, I’m out of here.

I wish I had known everything that I touch would stick to me. I would have stayed where I was.

In this picture, it is finally free. Isn’t life wonderful?

I hope you enjoyed.